Naming the Nameless

There are many names for our experience as/of the Absolute, and all of them point to different aspects.

I tend to use space & awareness, although the space only comes when phenomena arises.

Another is the formless unborn, which is quite accurate (it neither has form nor is born) but also sounds a little esoteric.

Another is the function of experiencing, which also seems quite accurate, although a little cold and technical.

Another is the void, which also is relatively accurate although it leaves out the awareness part, and it may seem a little nihilistic.

Another is capacity, or capacity for the world. This term points to the quality of allowing anything to arise as it arises in the present. There is unlimited potential for phenomena, which is continuously realized as phenomena arise in the present. It is a quite accurate term, pointing to something a little different from the others, although the awareness part is only implicit.

Another is the original face. This points to its quality of being distinct from the world of phenomena, and so also from birth and death.

It is difficult to name that which is distinct from the world of phenomena, and each of these terms are accurate in a certain way and imprecise in another. Being familiar with them all, and using them as appropriate to the context, may be a good approach.

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