Narcissism & Fluidity

In awakening as space & awareness – as the Absolute – there is a natural fascination. Many tend to spend a lot of time looking in and exploring this, and this is part of the clarification – and integration – process. In a sense, it could be seen as narcissism. But it is a narcissism that leads to its opposite.

When I come to myself as space & awareness, I see that there is capacity for the whole world. Anything can arise within this space & awareness.

And when I come to myself as space & awareness, there is no identity. My identity is whatever arises in the present.

Both of these allows me to be with/as what arises, to be engaged in what arises.

Narcissism is really preoccupation with the small self, and it is inevitable when we are exclusively identified with the small self. Awakening as space & awareness allows for dropping it, as what arises internal and external to the small self is now seen as a seamless whole, a fluid tapestry of phenomena.

Exploring myself as space & awareness, I find that this seems to be the nature of everyone and everything. And from this perspective, I also see that what is going on with this small self is universally human – although with a unique flavor, which is also universal.

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