No Boundary

I sat down with a book and a cat on my lap tonight, and took some time to close my eyes and just be with the immediate experiences. It was very clear that based on my immediate experiences, everything appeared within the same seamless field – the weight and warmth of the cat on the lap, the sensations of the blanket around the body, the sounds from another room, the crickets outside.

I could see that all of these appeared as part of a seamless field, or as just separate and fragmented experiences, or both, or none, depending on how I looked at it.

To find any outside or inside, I would have to come up with an idea of an outside and inside, and then map these various experiences onto it. In that situation, it seemed far too complicated, and unnecessary as well. In other situations, these distinctions may be appropriate – but just as a practical tool. And even then, the distinctions occur within the context of the seamless field.

I see that the experience of “no self” is always here in my immediate experience. Always here, as the underlay for all my experiences – even when I temporarily attach to ideas of boundaries.

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