No Ego

If I try to “get rid of the ego”, then the good news is that there never was any.

There is just a temporary misidentification with the small self, and a familiarity with this misidentification. Together, they may appear – or even function – as an “ego”, although all there is is a temporary misidentification.

There is no entity to be called the ego, just as there is no entity to be called the self.

As long as there is this temporary misidentification, it does appear very real.

I find myself as an object in a world of objects, with all that brings with it (sense of separation, fear, greed, anger, attachments, etc). And that is fine. There is no problem with it, apart from my experience of it as a problem.

When I awaken as the Absolute (capacity for the world, yet distinct from the world) and as Big Mind (the Absolute and Relative, beyond and including all polarities), I see that I created all the drama for myself through this misidentification. Now, the small self becomes a vehicle for me in the world of phenomena. There is a functional relationship with it – as it provides me sensory input and a way of engaging in the world.

And even beyond this, I find myself just as what arises in the present. There is no “I” to be found anywhere, not even as the Absolute or Big Mind. There is just what arises, nothing else. And that includes this small self which others take as me.

Actually, I am not sure what is beyond what here. There seems to just be the fluidity of finding myself as the Absolute, as Big Mind, as human, as what arises without any “I” to be found anywhere. There is just this fluidity.

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