No Image of Self

When I come to myself as headless, I find myself as capacity & all phenomena arising in the present.

I am space & awareness, and I am the rich tapestry of phenomena arising here and now. There is no fixed identity, apart from being what arises in the present.

And when there is no identity, there is no image of “self” to compare with what arises. So there is no need to resist and nothing to resist.

Ego and Image

The meaning of the term “ego” is elusive to me, but in this context it may refer to having an image of self. When I have an image of a relatively fixed and separate self, I constantly compare whatever arises in the situation against this image, and I add all sorts of drama to it.

When I notice myself as wide open space and what arises here and now, there is no identity and nothing to protect. There is no need for drama.

Of course, I still differentiate and discern among phenomena, and I take care of this small self. That is not different. The difference is in the view, the sense of ease and simplicity, and the lack of drama.

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