No Self & Habitual Patterns

Awakening as the Witness, it becomes clear that there is no separate or fixed self, human or otherwise.

The world of phenomena – anything that can be experienced – is a fluid seamless whole. My human self, is just a thread in the tapestry, a vortex in the stream, a temporary and fluid pattern through which the energy and matter of the larger world of phenomena flows. And the experiencer and the experienced is also a fluid seamless whole.

Still of course, the habitual patterns of my human self are triggered. Often not much at all, other times – more frequently.

And sometimes, these patterns just unfold on their own. They just become part of the overall tapestry and there is no need to take them very seriously or engage with them. The center of gravity is in the vivid whole of what happens in the present, and these habitual patterns are such as small part of it. (Within this, I can just let them go, or see if a more focused attention is appropriate – for healing, information, etc.)

Other times, I engage in them as before, when I took them deadly serious. But now, I cannot take it very seriously anymore. I can act the role (as if I am angry, irritable etc.), but less convincingly. And it doesn’t last so long. It is more of a ghost of old patterns, insubstantial. Created from ephemeral memories.

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