Not Knowing, Information, Skills & Guidelines

When I come to ourselves as space & awareness, I find a space that is distinct from the world of phenomena. There is a natural receptivity and not knowing.

At the same time, I have access to all the information and skills of the small self, and I use this to respond to various situations.

The knowing is in the context of the not knowing. I have information, skills and temporary guidelines, within the space of not knowing.

This allows me a great deal of flexibility and responsiveness. Any option is open to me, unhindered by attachment to ideas, and I am free to choose what seems appropriate in the situation.

The Absolute aspect of my holarchy of being allows for the context of not knowing. The small self aspect of my holarchy of being allows for access to the tools of information and skills. The external world aspect of my holarchy of being allows for a vast arena of engagement.

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