Phases & Flavors of Big Mind

What are some of the phases and flavors of awakenings into/as Big Mind? I find myself coming back to this topic as it is not quite clear to me.

Some dimensions I can see:

(a) Drop vs. Ocean Big Mind (do I experience myself as local BM with no separation with rest of Existence, or more full blown as the whole of Existence)
(b) Concentric circles of Big Mind (related to drop/ocean BM)
(c) Center of gravity in small self or Big Mind (small self vs. Existence gravity)
(e) Variously transdual (within the relative, and between relative/absolute)
(f) Fake it vs. make it (practice vs. experience)
(g) Identity & view (identity determines the degree and flavor of dualistic/transdual)
(h) Functional center on small self or not

Many of these overlap, or are even just different ways of looking at the same.

Typical Awakening vs. (really) Full Blown

There seems to be no end to awakenings and depth/variety of integration.

Imagining the view of God, of the whole of Existence, we see that it is completely beyond and embracing every polarity – including that of existence and non-existence. It embraces everything that is. It has centers everywhere and nowhere. And it has functional centers everywhere (input/output everywhere).

Most awakenings seems to be at a lower level than this. We typically seem to awaken to the “drop” Big Mind. To ourselves as Absolute and Relative, as the capacity for the world and the world as it arises to the small self in the present. This does lead to complete liberation, and an immediate experience of the seamless whole of the world of phenomena and between the experiener and the experienced. Still, as long as the world of phenomena is only experienced through the small self, it the drop Big Mind. It is still very local compared to the view of God as a whole.

In quality, it may not be so different. The absolute is the absolute, and the relative the relative – in both cases. But the difference is that of the drop and the ocean. One is a microcosm. The other the macrocosm.

Does the view of God as a whole live through any human being? It is not likely, but may happen in the future – as the drop awakenings become more common setting the ground for more full blown awakenings.

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