The rich fluid tapestry of phenomena arising is only here now, in the present. It has no other choice. And myself as space & awareness is here now – there are no other options.

All that is needed, is to gently notice. Everything arising internal to the small self – these sensations, emotions, thoughts – and everything arising external to the small self – the trees, buildings, cars, people – arise right now, in the present.

All that is needed is a gentle shift in noticing.

All there is, is this always changing, always fresh, always new present. It is the complete and perfect manifestation of Existence right here and now.

If I get temporarily caught up in thoughts, I am still in the present. All that is happening is that my field of awareness narrows, and I focus on an abstraction relating to this now, or past or future nows. But in the midst of all this, I have no other choice but to be in the present. No other options are available to me. Again, all that is needed is to gently notice that this too arises in the present.

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