Rehumanize & Connect

I thoroughly enjoy reading and listening to radicals such as Byron Katie and U. G. Krishnamurti.

What they are expressing is so obviously accurate, and uncompromisingly so. They refuse to pretend. They refuse to go along with the game that others engage in.

And this is immensely valuable. It helps us see our own games, which we engage in in so many ways. It helps us see the games of adding stories and abstractions to what is, and of taking the stories for gospel truth rather than as just a practical and convenient abstraction.

At the same time, it is definitely valuable with folks who present it in a way that connects more with where most people are at. Teachers who thoroughly rehumanize and find in themselves what they see in others, fully. People who are willing to play the game, knowing full well they are playing a game. And through that, offer something others can connect with.

Both are valuable. Each offer something a little different, another medicine. And something else for people to be upset about, and through that see themselves more clearly. Or just be upset.

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