I received a shamanic session this afternoon, and it was quite amazing. There was a clear shift in me, an opening of the heart area (which was a focus of the session), and when she blew into my heart area at the end – an explosion of golden light through me. The images that came up for her were also very meaningful for me: a piece of sky seen through rafters (reflecting the frog in the well story which is alive for me now), planting myself (grounding), and the gift – a golden horn, very loud and bright golden, which is what she blew into my heart area. For me, the sky has to do with an awakening into the various phases of Big Mind, and the golden horn or trumpet – a reminder of bringing it into the world, living it in my own life (and through that making it available to others).

I am also reminded of a shamanic circle I went to in Madison, Wisconsin, when I lived there. We did a journey to find our power animal, and what came up for me was an endless parade of all species – from the first single celled organisms and through all beings who have ever lived on this planet. I realized that this was far more meaningful for me than finding just one power animal, as each of them has a gift (reflects something in me), each is an expression and manifestation of Big Mind/God, and it also aligned with my deep fascination with the Universe Story, ecospirituality, ecopsychology and deep ecology.

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