Space & Objects

This is the classic description of how to find ourselves as the absolute: Whatever arises is not it, but that which it is arising within – and that which is noticing – is.

When I find myself as space & awareness, I see a wide variety of phenomena arising within this space & awareness: This small self, with a body, sensations, energies, emotions, thoughts, behaviors. This room with its content. Other small selves. Everything outside of this window. All these arise in the present, within myself as space & awareness. And none of these are me as the absolute, as clear space & awareness, as capacity for the world.

After becoming familiar with this differentiation, I find that since myself as space & awareness is distinct from any identity, I become whatever arises in the present. The separation between subject and object dissolves. And within this context of a seamless fluid whole, I can still easily differentiate within the world of phenomena and between that which is experienced (the relative) and that which is experiencing (the absolute).

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