When I awaken to myself as the function of experiencing, I become whatever phenomena arises in the present. I am the experiencing and the experiences, with no separation. And I can also discern between the two if I look.

This experiencing and the experiences, awareness and the rich and fluid world of phenomena arising in the present, is a rich and fluid tapestry.

And within this fluid tapestry, I can differentiate between what arises within the small self (sensations, emotions, thoughts) and what arises outside of the small self (computer monitor, breeze, chair, room, sounds of music and cars, other humans, clouds and sky, etc).

I see that I have a special relationship with this small self, this pattern which is usually a quite small part of the whole tapestry as it arises in the present. I receive sensory information through it, it contains memories and information for me, it is able to develop skills in various areas, it makes me available to the world of phenomena and the world of phenomena available to me. I can function through and as this small self in the world of phenomena.

I see that this small self is just a small part of what appears in the present. I see that it has no fixed and independent existence. I see that it is fluid along with the rest of the tapestry. I see that it will be around for only a limited period of time. And yet – or maybe because of all this – I have a deep appreciation for it.

It makes my existence so much richer, with so many more layers. It allows me to engage with the world of phenomena. It allows me to – temporary – experience myself as limited, with the temporary misery and the delicious richness that comes with it.

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