Terrible Arrogance

If what is in the present is an expression of God or Buddha Mind, or is God or Buddha Mind, or even is a creation of God, isn’t it then also a perfect expression of God’s will?

So who am I to disagree?

There is a terrible arrogance on our part when we resist what is…

I attach to thoughts, and take these as more true than what arises in the present. I fight what is with tooth and claws, placing the habitual preferences of my human self over what is. And I create a good deal of suffering for myself in this way.

And it is also very understandable…

When I identify as only my human self, I am not able to be with or be whatever arises. I am not able to function with a fully transdual view. I am not able to see that the source of everything – the experiencer and the experienced – is the same, is God.

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