The Absolute

When I find myself as the Absolute, I often refer to it as space & awareness, or the function of experiencing or pure awareness. The more I explore it, I wonder if this is quite accurate.

It does really seem that there is nothing inherently there, that it is just a void. And from this springs awareness, space & time, and all phenomena – simultaneously.

I guess this is just what traditions and teachers have said all along. The absolute is void, emptiness, and it all originates together, simultaneous co-origination.

It may seem that I as the absolute is space & awareness, and when I look I find that it is indeed empty of any characteristics. But I cannot find anything indicating that this space & awareness would be here without the world of phenomena arising in the present.

So I guess I am left with the words void, emptiness, or – more interestingly – capacity for the world.

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