The Drop Big Mind

When I come to myself as space & awareness – a.k.a. the function of experiencing, the formless unborn, that which is distinct from the world of phenomena, capacity for the world, etc. – I find that there is no identity here. I am distinct from any identity. And in/as this space, I become whatever experiences arises in the present.

When I look, I find that I can discern between myself as the Absolute (space & awareness) and as the Relative (the phenomena arising in the present), but there is no separation between the two.

Coming to myself as the Absolute allows for a transdual view.

The separation only comes in when I create an abstract identity for myself, when I believe in thoughts about “me”, when I disregard my immediate experience of myself as space & awareness and add another “self” on top of it. From here, there is indeed separation. Creating a sense of separate/fixed identity allows for a dualistic view.

In the second case, I am a little object in the vast world.

In the first case, I am capacity for the world. I am the space & awareness and all phenomena arising in the present. There is still differentiation and discernment, although now within this seamless fluid whole of Existence.

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