The Drop & Ocean of Big Mind

There seems to be two different layers (variations, flavors, sizes) of Big Mind.

One is the “drop” Big Mind. The other, the “ocean” Big Mind.

The first is when I awaken as space & as whatever local experiences arises within this space. It embraces the Absolute and the Relative, although on a local level. This is the drop.

The other is when I awaken as the view of Existence, as space & all phenomena (throughout the Relative world) arising within it. This is the ocean.

There is not really a qualitative difference between the two. The drop and the ocean both have the same qualities. But there certainly is a difference in quantity, in how full-blown the awakening as Big Mind is.

Both can certainly lead to liberation. And I guess both could be described as an enlightenment, although the former is a faint version of the latter.

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