The Many & The One

Drop Big Mind

When I look, I find that my current sense of my holarchy of being can be split into three aspects:

  • Capacity for the world, empty of any characteristics. Space for whatever arises in the present. Pure awareness.
  • The small self. This body and mind complex which most identify exclusively with.
  • The rest of the world of phenomena, as it arises (to the small self) in the present.

This is the “drop” Big Mind. It embraces the absolute and the relative, experiencer and experienced, and yet – is is very local, functionally centered on this small self. It includes only (or mostly) of what arises within, to and through the small self.

Ocean Big Mind

And I also assume, from earlier experiences and through just plain common sense, that there is an “Ocean” Big Mind. The totality of Existence, the Whole of God, which is functionally centered everywhere and nowhere and includes all small selves and the “ground” in which all of this arises. This is similar to the drop Big Mind in quality, but very different in immensity.

The Many and the One

Of course, it is quite curious how there can be apparently many awakenings into Big Mind, and many Big Minds centered on different small selves.

Each of these Big Minds find that they are not separated from the Absolute nor the Relative. They each awaken separately as Existence manifesting in the present. And they each obviously are functionally centered on different small selves.

This is God awakening to itself as the drop Big Mind, in many ways and centered on many small selves. It is God not quite yet awakened to itself as Ocean Big Mind.

And it is part of the richness of Existence. Of God expressing, manifesting and exploring itself in myriad of ways.

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