Three tools for awakening as Big Mind:

  • Big Mind process
    Exploring how the mind functions on personal and transpersonal levels, from a 1st person view (becoming the views). This gives us a taste of a fully transdual view, the tools for shifting into it, and a way to explore integration into the life of the small self.

  • Headlessness
    A simple of wonderfully simple experiments developed by Douglas Harding. Pointing out instructions in a simple, ordinary language.

  • Inquiry
    Byron Katie’s inquiry process. Whenever I attach to a thought, and life manifests differently than that abstraction, I create suffering for myself. Here, I can identify the thought, ask four questions, turn the original statement around, and it releases me. It reveals clear awareness, which is always there behind the dust kicked up from believing in a thought.

  • Sitting practice
    Shikantaza, just sitting – being space for whatever arises in the present. This deepens, clarify and help stabilize the views from the other practices.

The inquiry process helps unravel beliefs and reduce the amount of dust kicked up in daily life (reduces the self-created drama). The headlessness gives me easy and quick access in daily life. The Big Mind process gives a tremendous richness and clarity. And the sitting practice helps clarify, deepen and stabilize.

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