Transition to No Self

Here is one way the transition into an experience of “no self” can look. This is from own experience, and I am sure the process can occur in many different ways.

First, an awakening as the Absolute, as the Witness, as space & awareness, distinct from the world of phenomena – and in which the world of phenomena arise in the present.

Softening Boundaries
Then a softening of the boundary between the small self and the rest of relative existence, the world of phenomena. From appearing solid and a very serious matter, it narrows, soften, becomes more transparent and appears less important (except in a purely functional sense).

Seamless Fluid Whole
The boundary between the small self and rest of the world of phenomena becomes completely transparent, and the two appears as a seamless fluid whole. What arises internal and external to the small self becomes part of the same fluid tapestry.

For me, the transition has been quite unremarkable, although it can probably be experienced as quite remarkable as well. The body and personality is of course still here, although now merely a small part of the larger seamless whole of phenomena. It is just one small pattern in the tapestry.

From being identified with what arises internal to the small self, and seeing myself as a small object in an infinetely large world, I find myself to be space & awareness in which the whole world of phenomena arises in the present.

I am this space & awareness, and I am whatever arises – internal and external to the small self – in the present

There is a sense of great ease in daily life, and no need to add drama daily life situations.

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