Walking Through Oneself

And so I returned to my cellhouse watching the sidewalks and the fences and the buildings slide by, while I remained motionless, as I have always been. I have only to point my finger to remember to look at what I am looking out of, and need only the image of a face to know that the end of confrontation is Here. And I realized something else leaving that meeting: that everything sliding past was none other than Who I am; I was, incredibly, walking through Myself, in awe of every step.

[From Harding’s Way by J. C. Amberchele]

When I find myself as headless, as capacity for the world, I experience myself as still and the world moving through me. At the same time, I become whatever arises in the present, so I appear to move through myself…! It is an astounding realization at first, and one that I become more familiar with as I function as headless – as Big Mind – in daily life. I, as this body – move through myself, as Big Mind.

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