Through awakening(s), it seems that our experience of life and existence simultaneously becomes clearer and more difficult to express in words. I assume that as we, individually and collectively, become more familiar with this terrain, we will find ways to express it that is both simple and relatively accurate.

The “old” language, from a view of separate selves etc., is something I am very familiar with and have easy access to, so it is easy to slip into this language – just from familiarity. And yet, it is not quite precise enough for a more transdual view.

For instance, I see a temptation in saying “she woke up” etc. While what is happening is that it is only God waking up to itself, to different degrees and with different flavors. It does not really make sense to talk about individuals as “doing” or “achieving” anything, as the small selves are revealed as vehicles for Big Mind.

Our language comes from a view where people are identified as a small self. And our awakenings reveal that the small self is just a small part of our holarchy of being. So how do we talk about it? This is of course one of the aims of koan study: to become familiar and comfortable with the terrain, and how to express it more accurately.

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