1st vs. 2nd and 3rd Person Observations

Headlessness is a good way to explore the difference between 1st and 2nd/3rd person observations.

When my partner and I went to the deeksha evening Saturday, one of the deeksha givers mentioned that the only requirement to receive deeksha is to have a head. My partner turned to me with a smile and said “then we are out of luck.” I said “no, because they think we have a head.”

And from a previous post:

More accurately, I can say that to me – as awareness – I only am, free from any continuity or lack of continuity. The continuity or lack of continuity only comes up to outside observers, or when I observe others.

When someone observe me, they can say that there is awareness (when my human self is awake), and then there is not awareness (when my human self is asleep). And I can say the same about others.

In my own experience, it is very different. I am awareness and the world of phenomena is sometimes continuous to me and sometimes not. And that is it. That is all I can say.

I see that in my experience of myself as pure awareness, time does not to apply. I am awareness, and I am the flow of phenomena – sometimes continuous and sometimes not.

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