3 Qualities, 2 Levels

A simple way of looking at our human life is to see…

The three qualities of attraction, neutrality and aversion towards different experiences, on the level of our human self.

And the two levels of our being: Our human self – with its personality, conditioned and habitual patterns and preferences. And our “ground of being” – the choiceless formless awareness or Witness.

When we become familiar with these two levels of being, we can find a new appreciation in the situations of life, independent of whether our human self relates to them with attraction, neutrality or aversion. It all becomes a part of the richness and fluidity of life.

So again, everything – in terms of content – is as it already is. Nothing is changed, except we are now noticing the context in which it always unfolds – the nondual, choiceless, changeless, formless, unborn, crystal clear, effortless awareness. And this changes everything.

From being blindly caught up in the inner/outer situations and seeing ourselves as an object struggling with them, we now find ourselves as the space in which they all unfold. And this opens up for a new sense of freedom, intimacy, richness and wholehearted engagement in life.

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