Absence of Conventional Knowing & Intimacy

When we rest as pure awareness, or as what is happening including pure awareness, there is also a natural and effortless receptivity and of not knowing, as the word knowing is used in the conventional sense.

We see clearly that when we add a layer of abstractions to what is, then this layer is indeed just abstractions, it is a map and a menu, not the terrain or the food itself. It has only practical and temporal value, as a tool for exploration, differentiation and communication.

So here, there is an absence of conventional knowing – in the sense of believing in abstractions. And there is a receptivity to what is and to explore all the different views and differentiations possible. And a joy in this as well.

And in this space, there is a deepening intimacy – with Existence, our life as a human being, and with other humans as well. There is an intimacy, exploration and open-endedness that cannot be present when we believe in abstractions, when we take them as gospel truth.

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