All Stories & No Story

This is pretty obvious, but it came up in conversation today with someone I give Breema to.

Every story has validity to it, and no story reflects the whole picture. Together, all stories create a fuller, richer and more comprehensive understanding. And at the same, any story is just a story. Reality is what is left in the absence of the story.

When we awaken as Big Mind, we are free(er) to fluidly shift among any story as appropriate to the situation. When someone tells their story, we can see the validity in it, along with the validity of any other story reflecting on the same situation. And we also see that any story is just a story, just a layer of abstraction added to what is. There is no need to take any one story, or even the richness of all stories, too seriously.

Beyond the Human Stories

There are many aspects to this. For instance, there is a tremendous richness to the stories told by humanity throughout its history, individually and collectively. And there is an even greater richness in the stories told by all of Earth’s awareness organs. Each living being experiences Existence in a different way, and together make up a tremendous richness of experience. And then there is the (very real) possibility of a multitude of awareness organs throughout the Universe, adding even more stories to the story of the Universe.

The Universe apparently wants to experience itself in a great multitude of ways, and does so through evolving increasingly greater complexity, and into an immense number of awareness organs.

Each organ tells a part of the story, filtered through biology, culture and personal experiences. And yet – the awareness functioning through each awareness organ has the same quality of pure nondual unconditioned awareness.

Ultimately, it is all Existence, God, Buddha Mind, Big Mind, expressing, manifesting and exploring itself in always new ways.

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