Of course, as human beings we can have all sorts of attainments. We learn and refine skills, we accumulate and refine knowledge and information, we collect experiences, we gain degrees and diplomas.

But when it comes to awakening to or as what is, there is really no attainment to be found. As Chogyam Trungpa said, awakening is the ultimate disappointment to the ego.

We awaken as what is happening right now, in the timeless present. And there is no “I” to be found anywhere. There is what we can discern (through an added layer of abstractions) as formless awareness and the world of phenomena, with an absence of “I” as any particular part of what is.

So there is just the awakening to or as what already is and always is. Not much attainment there.

And there is an awakening from the impression of a “self” (as a separate human self) or an “I” (as for instance pure formless awareness), so there is no-one who could have any attainment.

If there is any “attainment” at all, it could be said to be that of Existence awakening to itself more as it is, and expressed through this human self.

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