Being No Contraction To The Contraction

I went downtown today to start up a discussion group, and my habitual tendencies could have made it into an uncomfortable experience. I was late due to short notice, had to take a bus that went about 10 blocks from where I was going, I am sick, and had to go those ten blocks in 7 minutes.

I could see contractions coming up, and took it as an opportunity to explore headlessness.

I found myself as no contraction to the contraction. As no disease to the disease. As no discomfort to the discomfort. As no hurry to the hurry. As no judgment to the judgment. I found myself as capacity for all these experiences coming and going on their own.

Through this, I of course found myself as both, embracing both ends of each polarity coming up. I am no contraction and the contraction, etc. And I found a space and freedom in this, freedom to not attach to either. They are both expressions of Existence.

Of course, the experience is really that of being (a) no contraction, (b) contraction, (c) what triggered the contraction, (d) the streets moving through me, etc. But sometimes it comes out in a simplified (or actually complexified) way.

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