I went to the local Bioneers conference this weekend, and it was wonderful – especially the sense of all these people around the world being part of an emerging new culture. One that is more life-centered, more life honoring, hopefully a little wiser. One that has the potential of helping us through this bottleneck in human evolution where our technology has gone a little ahead of our collective wisdom.

Of course, we know that there is a major shift for human civilization coming up, but we don’t know if it will take the form of breakdown or transformation. And equally obviously, even with a more life-centered culture, there will still be plenty of challenges – not the least created by the worldview itself.

Any worldview is limited, and when we operate from it whatever is in the “blindspot” will crop up as a perceived problem and help us move beyond our current worldview and into one that is (hopefully) a little more adaptive, a little more inclusive.

When we as individuals have a limited and exclusive identity, whatever comes up as “other” is perceived as a disturbance and invites us to recognize that too as “us”. And the same is true for our collective identity, our collective worldview.

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