Blinded By Belief

With the current “intelligent design” debate, Europeans have another reason for viewing large portion of US citizens as unfortunately misinformed. Evolution occurs right now, even in our own garden (if we do selective seed saving) and with our own animal companions (through selective breeding), and our current ecosystems and the fossil record provides ample indications that this process has occured throughout the history of the living Earth. In addition, why not embrace this wonderfully rich and deeply meaningful context for our lives? It can only deepen our sense of intimacy with each other and all life.

At the same time, what we see in the “intelligent design” folks is a reminder of what we all do. We all tend to be blinded by belief. All of us, including those in science, are often blinded by our pet models and theories, even when new data does not fit. And in our daily life we all believe in various thoughts – each one inevitably not aligned with Existence – and so create a great deal of drama and suffering for ourselves.

What we see in others is a reminder to look for the same in ourselves.

In this way, the “intelligent design” proponents are doing us all a great favor in holding up a mirror for each one of us. If we are receptive to it, it can lead to insight and a certain liberation. If not, it can lead to continued drama and suffering. And either is OK.

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