Capacity & Awareness

The relationship between capacity and awareness still comes up as a question for me…


There are the two forms of capacity.

Local Capacity

First, there is the “local” capacity for any forms of experiences that may arise. I find myself as this unlimited capacity, and the experiences that happens within me and as me in the present.

I may (apparently) resist some of these experiences and attach to others, but beyond and behind all this struggle – I am still capacity for all of them, whatever they may be.

As Douglas Harding says… I am no sound to the sound. No pain to the pain. No confusion to the confusion. No thought to the thoughts. No form to the forms. No movement to the movement.

It is empty, yet full of everything arising in the present.

This is the capacity of this Big Mind (expressing itself through Per), not separate from anything yet mysteriously alone from all other Big Minds.

Nonlocal Capacity

Then there is the nonlocal capacity. The capacity of Existence to allow anything and everything arise. Capacity for universes, galaxies, stars, planets, life, humans, thoughts, emotions, forests, cities, joy, suffering, clarity, confusion, delusion, awakening, etc.

This capacity is similarly no space for space to arise, no time for time to arise, no form for form to arise, etc. It is empty, full of everything and anything arising in the present.

This is the BIG Big Mind, within which all the “local” Big Minds arise.

It is also the capacity for the local capacity, the groundless ground of the local groundless ground.


And then there is myself as pure awareness. It is “something” yet “nothing”.

It does not quite seem identical to the absolute, empty of any characteristics. Yet it does not quite fit in with in with the world of phenomena. It appears outside or time yet in time.

It is almost as if it appears with the world of phenomena.


Of course, as I pointed out in an earlier post, this question comes from the world of abstractions.

In my immediate experience, there is no distinction of subject and object, source and phenomena, time or timelessness.

And still, there is a curiosity here. An excitement of the exploration of myself and Existence as all of these.

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