Clear Seeing & Fullness Of Feeling

There is quite a difference between just clear seeing, and clear seeing with fullness of feeling.

It seems that…

  • The first leads to the second, if we follow the process sincerely.
  • Different traditions tends to emphasize one or the other or both.
  • And that emphasizing a first person relationship with Existence, God, Buddha Mind etc. reveals clear seeing, while a second person relationship opens up for the fullness of feeling.

    A second person relationship with God etc. – through for instance devotion and prayer – allows our heart to blossom into deepening receptivity, joy, gratitude, humility and compassion.

Of course, there is nothing new in this. It is just what is embedded in the various traditions around the world.

Buddhism has both, although with some variations. Traditions such as Zen may emphasize 1st person relationship and seeing more than 2nd person relationship and fullness of feeling. Tibetan Buddhism, again (!), seems more complete with its deity practice which combines both in a balanced way.

Christianity and Islam, as other theistic traditions, tends to emphasize the 2nd person relationship with its flowering of the heart. The 1st person relationship is there as well, although more emphasized in the mystical traditions with each.

For me, when I first started with the headless experiments this summer, there was just clear seeing. Now, I notice how it seems to lead to a more open and full heart and that I am just at the threshold of it yet.

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