Clear Seeing & Fullness of Feeling

The headless experiments are good at helping me, and many others, into clear seeing. Into realizing that “I” am emptiness and fullness, capacity for anything to arise and whatever arises in the present – including this human self.

But if we remain stuck here, it is a dead end. It can too easily just be a subtle way of avoiding being fully human, and in some cases living with subtle (or not so subtle) heartlessness, arrogance and sense of superiority.

The other side of it is fullness of feeling. Of becoming more fully human, of allowing the clear seeing into our ordinary human life. This gives another depth to the seeing and how it is brought into our human lives. Now, I can open up for a deepening compassion, gratitude, humility, sense of connection (on a human/heart level and not just a seeing level), surrender, passion and devotion as well.

This is how the clear seeing becomes engaged. And how we become a more real and full human being.

To remain in just clear seeing is to create another form of hell for oneself. It is another way of creating separation. There is the seeing in which there is no separation, and there can also be a lack of ordinary human connections, sincerity and intimacy, which is another hell.

When we bring our humaness to it, there is a whole other dimension opening up. There is a new depth, richness, intimacy, rawness…

And sincerity and receptivity, along with clear seeing, seems to open this up for us.

As much as I appreciate and enjoy many of the postings on the headlessness listserv, I also see how many postings seem to come from a stuckness in just clear seeing – and in a certain form of heartlessness that can come from it. And there is also a tendency sometimes of “headless fundamentalism” and formulaic answers. All these are just other ways of shielding oneself against life, another way of resisting what is.

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