Connection With Nature

I notice how important connection with nature is for me, both domesticated and especially wilderness.

It works on many levels…

It gives me fresh air and exercise.

It gives me sensory stimulation and sense of aliveness.

It reminds me of – as a human being – being an intimate and integral part of this wonderfully rich Earth.

It reminds me that I – as a human being – grows out of the Earth, and that I – quite literally – am the Earth bringing itself into awareness.

It places my human concerns into perspective, they appear much smaller and less significant compared to the vast and ongoing processes of life.

It helps me prioritize in my own life, to see what is really important (being a full human being with others and as part of the Earth) and what is not (status, nonessential objects, etc).

It helps me see how little I really need of physical things for a high quality of life.

It allows for deeper conversations with friends.

It brings vitality, aliveness, meaning, context, depth and richness to my life as a human being.

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