Deep Time & No Time

There is a beautiful fullness in the interplay of the Deep Time and No Time views.

Deep Time

The Deep Time views comes through science and in particular the Universe Story, deep ecology, ecospirituality, ecopsychology, and any evolutionary approach in general.

Through science, we see how we as human beings are embedded in the Universe and an expression of the Universe. Through the wonderful and magical story of the evolution of the Universe, we come to see that we are related to everything and everyone – we are intimately related to any and all other expressions of the Universe.

We see how through us, the Universe brings itself into awareness. We are the Universe bringing itself into awareness and exploring itself through awareness.

We have a tremendously meaningful function and role in the Universe: to experience and celebrate what is.

No Time

And the No Time views comes from any practice that allows us to either come to our “ground of being” as pure awareness, and/or as what is happening in the present.

Here, the world of phenomena passes through us as always changing (from an outsiders perspective, our human self passes through the rest of the world in space, and both changes over time), or we are the world always manifesting in new and different ways.

Time is recognized as an abstraction. What is, is the always changing present.

Deep & No Time

In the Deep Time perspective, we have a deeply meaningful context for our lives as human beings and one that is deeply informative and guiding for our behavior.

In the No Time view we find ourselves as pure awareness and what is. We see that any story, any abstractions at all, as rich and helpful tools of only limited and practical value. This allows us move more freely among any and all views that come up, we do not have to be stuck anywhere.

Together, there is a wonderful fluidity, richness and fullness.

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