Describing Myself

Through the Byron Katie inquiry process, it has become very clear to me that whenever a judgment is coming up in me, and I attach to it and apply it to someone else, I not only describe myself (something I discovered a long time ago) but I actually engage in what I judge in the other at the moment I attach to the judgment. I describe myself right now.

This came up for me again as I read an essay about hijabs (the headcovering some muslim women wear) and how the discussion on this issue is perceived by a young modern islamic woman living in Norway.

She draws a parallel between those few forcing women to wear hijab, and those prohibiting it – including schools and workplaces in some european countries. In both cases, there is an imposed restriction on the women’s right to choose. Both do exactly the same, and with similar justifications as well: both profess to do it to protect them.

As muslims are the current shadow-projection object of favor in the western world, there is a lot coming up in how non-muslim westerners relate to them. It is a fertile ground of study, for learning about ourselves and how the human mind works.

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