Emotions As Guests

I notice that although I have the “general habit” of allowing emotions to come and go as guests, there is often a subtle holding-onto-them or pushing-them-away going on. And this makes them take on a more substantial appearance.

When I consciously just notice what is, and allow it to be what is, then there is a sense of more space, of a release, and I see how the emotions (and any experience) seem more fluid and changeable. What seemed substantial in my experience now seem far more ephemeral – both in quality and time.

This noticing can often be very gentle, and occur even as I am active doing something else. It still allows for this space, release and fluidity. Other times, if what comes up is stronger and has more of a “hook” for me, I may lie down for a few minutes and just be with it – allowing it to unfold within space on its own. Allow it to come and go as a guest, as it does anyway. But now without the resistance of holding onto it (resistance to letting it go) and of pushing it away (resistance to having it stay), and the appearance of substance and fixedness that tends to come with it.

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