Emotions As Things

I notice that when I resist emotions, they seem to become more substantial and fixed. And this resistance can take the form of holding onto them (resisting them going away) or pushing them away (resisting them staying). Even putting a label on them is a way of fixing them.

When I consciously allow them to come and go as guests (as they do anyway), and without any labels, they appear more ephemeral, fluid and unfixable. It is difficult to put a label on them here, even if I tried.

Through resistance, we create the appearance of emotions as “things”, as substantial, fixed and ripe for a label. Through allowing them to come and go as guests, they take on an appearance as ephemeral, fluid and temporary.

In the first case, we create drama and suffering for ourselves. In the second, there is a sense of ease and even – sometimes – bliss along with whatever else is going on.

The shift may seem – and is – simple, but has a big impact on our life.

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