First vs. Second & Third Person View

When I share the headless experiments with others, and also in exploring them for myself, it is interesting to notice the shift from second/third person view of oneself to a first person view.

We are trained by our culture to take a second and third person view of ourselves: to construct a head we are looking out of, to identify with this human self, to create a boundary between what is inside and outside of the human self, etc. Of course, to be familiar with these views and use them when appropriate is essential for functioning in the world. But if we exclusively use a second and third person view on ourselves, and see this as “true”, then we create problems for ourselves.

Shifting into a first person view, taking our immediate experiences seriously, it all looks different: we see that there is no head here, only space and capacity for the world and the world itself, as it happens in the present. My human self is within me, as everything else is.

In this way, the shift from a second/third person view to a first person view is the shift from being exclusively identified with our human self to finding ourselves as Big Mind.

And it is also a shift from believing in abstractions (believing in the thought “I” and the ideas of “I”) to immediate experience.

The content of our experiences are the same, although the view is quite different. And that can bring deep changes in how we experience Existence and how we live our human lives.

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