Our lives as human beings is one of guests coming and going.

Sensations, emotions, thoughts, experiences, people, situations, and our own human self, they all come and go on their own.

And they do this no matter how we relate to it.

The only difference is that if we don’t see them as guests, if we try to hold onto some and push others away, then we create suffering for ourselves. And if we see and welcome them as guests, they are experienced as adding to the richness of our lives.

One is in alignment with what is (they come and go on their own). The other is not (trying to push away or hold onto what is coming and going on its own). In the first, there may be receptivity and joy. In the second, resistance and suffering.

As Jesus said according to the Gospel of Thomas: Be passersbys.

Although we can expand this and see that not only is our human selves passerbys, but everything else is also coming and going on its own. Everything is passerbys.

And of course, from the perspective of God, Existence, Buddha Mind, Big Mind, all phenomena are passerbys. They are all Existence expressing, manifesting and exploring itself in always new ways.

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