Heroes of the Great Turning

I have never much been into “heroes”, apart from seeing anyone willing to sacrifice for what they believe in as technically a hero – independent of what they are actually doing.

But reading an article in the NY Times about David Suzuki, I was reminded of another aspects of heroes: Who will be the heroes for future generations?

Will it be sports stars? Movie or TV stars? Political leaders who place the narrow interests of special groups (their own country, corporations, oil companies etc.) over that of humanity, the Earth and future generations? Not likely. Most of the people currently admired and in the media (especially the US media) will soon be forgotten, and for good reasons.

Instead, the heroes of the future are likely to be those who actively work for the Great Turning. People like Aldo Leopold, Arne Næss, John Seed, Joanna Macy, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Karl-Henrik Robert, Fritjof Capra, Paul Hawken, and many more, including David Suzuki, peace workers such as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, and all the numerous individuals around the world working for the Great Turning and who’s name is not know outside of their immediate circle.

Why is this? Because humanity is at an ecological bottleneck, and these individuals show us a way through it with a minimum of suffering and collapse. They show us the way into a more life-centered culture and civilization.

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