I am awareness.

1. Yes, seems true.

2. No, this is also only a belief.

3. Trying to hold onto it. Fear of loosing “it” or at least the (apparent) realization of it. Contracted. Weary of situations that may “cause” me to loose this realization. Going back to the experience repeatedly to check that it is still there. Seeing anything that may make me loose this realization, even temporarily, as “other”.

4. Free to experience what is. Not neccesarily any “I” or “other”, nor any “no I” or “no other”. Free, fluid, more playful. Free to be what is, as it is.

5. I am not awareness. (Yes, that is equally true. I find myself as whatever happens, such as the table and the clouds, neither of which are obviously awareness in themselves.)

I am not awareness.

1. Yes, seems true as well.

2. No, cannot absolutely know.

3. Fear of loosing this (apparent) realization. Make anything else, such as “I am awareness” into an “other”. Concerned that this “other” will come up and cause me to loose the realization. I see it as an enemy, a disturbance.

4. Free to be what is, without adding a “should” to it – such as “I should know that I am not awareness”.

5. I am awareness. (Yes, that is equally true.)

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