Just Ordinary

I just finished Awake in the Heartland: The Exstacy of What Is by Joan Tollifson, and deeply enjoyed reading it. It is beautiful, honest, personal, funny and insightful, and just what I needed to read right now.

She demystifies the awakening process, using ordinary language and showing how our ordinary human life – with all its ups and downs, confusion and clarity, joys and sorrows, ease and problems, is it. At the same time, she expresses clearly the wonder and magic of this ordinary life.

This is such as relief, especially as so much writing about these issues is in an a-personal and sometimes abstract language. The personal aspect of awakening is often filtered out (as if it ever can be), and the language is often more esoteric sounding than it needs to be.

Both has its place of course, both the a-personal and more technical view, and the personal and more intimate approach.

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