Nature & Culture

In the western world, we have gone through at least two worldviews where humans are seen as somehow separate from the rest of the world: that of Christianity and mechanistic science.

In our new, emerging worldview, we see that humans are not separate from the rest of Existence. We are the Universe and the Earth organizing itself into human form.

We are a way for the Universe and the Earth to bring itself into awareness, to explore itself through our senses and minds. And through organizing itself into culture, the Universe has found an even richer way of exploring itself.

The Universe has organized itself into language, writing, technology, science, and through this has found ways to combine and make use of the acumulated experiences and abilities of a large number of individual human beings in this vast exploration process.

There is no absolute separation between nature and culture, the Universe and the Earth and humans, a cloud and a thought, a mountain and a city, a sperm and a space ship (both potentially used to replicate and distribute life).

It is all Existence, the Universe, the Earth, expressing, manifesting and exploring itself in always new and rich ways.

Compared with the more dualistic view of traditional western worldviews, this is far more inclusive and transdual. It is closer to the view of Existence itself, which embraces and includes all polarities. And it is a deeply meaningful and inspiring view. One that can help us transform our culture and civilization into one that is more deeply life-centered, life-honoring and life-enhancing.

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