Noticing What Is & Changing Habitual Patterns

In various spiritual traditions, there is sometimes an emphasis of just noticing – or awakening to – what already is, and sometimes and emphasis on practice and change.

From a transdual view, we expect to find both of course.

Awakenings is just God awakening (a little more) to itself, as it already is. Nothing needs to be created. And there is really nothing special to this, it is what already is. This is where we can talk about removing the veils, stripping off, etc.

At the same time, there are some habitual patterns involved here which either allows us to experience ourselves as Big Mind or not. And on this level, there is change and something created. We create new habitual patterns for more stably noticing ourselves as Big Mind and bringing this into our human lives.

So on the one hand, we just notice what is – through inquiry, sitting practice etc. On the other hand, we allow new habitual patterns form which helps us notice more stable and bring it into our human life.

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