“Other” As A Reminder

As soon as anything comes up as an “other”, it is a reminder that I am attaching to a thought of “I”.

In this wide field of what is, in the present, I add an overlay of a belief in “I” and make parts of this field “I” and the rest “other”.

What I make into “I” and “other” can be… This human self vs. something perceived as threathening it (less often these days). A habitual pattern triggered in this human self (more often) vs. the perceived trigger. A belief in a thought (such as “I”) vs. anything not in alignment with this thought. Another living being vs. something/someone threatening it.

I see this pattern play itself out in subtle and sometimes less subtle ways, many times every day. First just being what is, with no “I” to be found anywhere. Then the conglomerate of (a) a belief in the thought “I”, (b) the creation of an apparent “I” and “other”, and (c) resistance towards the “other” – whether it appears outside or inside of this human self.

So whenever I notice an appearance of “other” and resistance to “it”, it is a reminder to notice this process and what is given in my immediate experience: just this wide field of what is, in the present. There is just what is, as it is.

If just noticing is not quite enough, I can just go with it – allowing the duality to play itself out and take me on a temporary ride. It always comes back to just the field, and the temporary confusion often does not last too long or is too strong. It is actually quite interesting.

Or I can apply some real time “remedies” such as coming to the breath and body, asking myself “can I be with what I am experiencing right now?”, noticing my headlessness or shifting into Big Mind using self-facilitation. Afterwards, I can also use the Byron Katie inquiry process to unravel the particular belief that triggered the “I” belief in the first place.

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