Personality As 1st & 3rd Person

I listened to a varied music program last night as I was reading a book, and my partner came into the room and said “that is interesting music, is that a new CD?”. I laughed and said “no, I would not buy that type of music”.

I realized that I spoke about this personality as a third person, laughing in recognition of its peculiarities and particular preferences.

If this personality is first person, then I need to defend its identity, choices and preferences. When it is (also) third person, I can relax and see the humor in its peculiarities and appreciate its uniqueness.

In the first case, the laugh may have been about the music or the (obviously ridiculous!) idea that this personality would buy that type of music. In the second case, the laugh was in appreciation of the wonderful uniqueness of this and any personality.

It is Existence filtering itself through a personality, in a unique expression and unique experience of itself.

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