Here is one way of outlining one process…

First, there is just Existence, beyond and embracing all polarities.

Then, it is functionally connected with a human being. It receives sensory information through it, and gradually learns how to operate as this human self in the world of phenomena.

Then, there is an exclusive identification as a human self. “I” am an object in a world of unpredictable objects.

Then, there may be an “awakening” as not-human, as pure awareness. Here, there is a recognition that the human self is an aspect of the seamless fluid whole of the world of phenomena. There is a recognition of “no self” in the sense of no separate and fixed human self. The boundaries, which seemed so real, now dissolve in recognition of it as just a thought, a mere and temporary appearance.

Then, there is a recognition of what happens when we believe in the thought “I”. The seamless whole of Existence is split into “I” and “other”, no matter what areas fall into each. When this is seen, there is just what is. There is just what is happening in the present, with no “I” to be found anywhere. As before, the content does not neccesarily change, but the boundaries continue to dissolve. We can still differentiate within what is, and that is now clearly seen as just an added layer of abstractions.

Then, there is a new appreciation of being human, of our humanness. There may be a deep gratitude and sense of wonder. A deep appreciation of the uniqueness and quirkiness of this particular human self, and each of the human selves out there.

They are all the infinite expressing itself as finite, in infinite richness. They are all God temporarily experiencing itself as limited, in always new and different ways, in infinite variation. There is such an incredible beauty in this, such an incredible wonder, mystery and beauty.

Here, there is also a deep appreciation of the whole process. The temporary confusion, misidentification, suffering, joy, awakening, integration – it is all God expressing, manifesting and exploring itself, beyond any notions of complete and not complete, perfect and not perfect.

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