Same Content & “I”/absence of “I”

For many, there seems to be a belief that the content somehow miraculously will change when we realize that there is no “I” to be found anywhere. But what is really falling away, in my experience, is just the sense of there being human self and world, trigger and triggered, experiencer and experienced, etc.

Of course, what these words refer to are still there, but now just as what is happening.

There is no sense of any separation of anything, although I can still easily add a layer of abstraction to it and “differentiate” and put words on it. But this is clearly seen as just abstractions, pale compared to what is.

And what is, the content, is the same in both cases. I can believe in a thought of “I” and create a sense of separation between “I” and “other” (whatever may fall into each category). Or there is no “I” to be found anywhere, and no “no I” to be found anywhere either. There is just what is. Just the content without the belief in that particular “I”/”other” overlay.

Whether there is a belief in a thought of “I”, or an absence of a belief in this thought, the content of what is is the same. The only difference is in what happens next (when there is a belief in this thought, there is the creation of a sense of drama, when there is the absence of this thought, there is a sense of ease).

It is really very simple.

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