Seeking & Exploration

I often hear and see statements of “the seeking is over” after there has been an awakening. It may be that this is the experience of it immediately following the awakening, but it seems that after a while it can naturally mature into realizing that it is still there, every bit as vibrant and alive as before, but now in a different form.

From seeking something other, there & then, in the future, it becomes an exploration of what is in the present, here and now. In takes the form of an alive, fresh and vibrant curiosity. A seeking of how to live it and live from it more fully – in more and more situations in daily life, of how to express it in one’s life and words, of clarifying and deepening of the awakening itself, of maturing into and explore in a multitude of always new ways the awakening and integration.

If the seeking ends, in all its forms, it is deadness. If it naturally takes a new and vibrant form, it can be a wonderfully receptive and dynamic engagement with (ourselves as) Existence.

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